Firestone has been a part of the community since 1984.

Main Street Grill opened in 1984, as a small hamburger stand off a beautiful stretch of Highway 1 in Cambria. David and Vickie Billingsley slowly transformed this tiny hamburger stand into the restaurant seen today, actually building the new restaurant around the existing one…without closing a single day. Main Street Grill prides itself on almost 30 years of local service. David and his youngest son, Kyle, can be seen manning the grill on a daily basis. Travelers from all over the world seeking the beautiful California Coastline, are delighted with fish & chips, ice cream cones, and the famous BBQ.

In the summer of 1995, Firestone Grill opened in a former Firestone Tire shop in downtown San Luis Obispo. David’s family has long been involved in the tire business in California, and incorporating this name and legacy was important to this second restaurant venture. Firestone Grill, run by the Billingsley’s oldest son Hal, is the place for the big game, a tri-tip sandwich, and a friendly smile from the across the counter. Every single day for 20 years, the oak wood grills are fired up and the BBQ sauce is made from scratch. The Billingsleys are long-time residents of San Luis Obispo and the walls are adorned with an extensive collection of community and sports memorabilia. Today, Firestone Grill is the highest rated restaurant on Yelp©…and has over 1500 customer reviews. “No trip to San Luis Obispo is complete without Firestone Grill” appears in 700 of these reviews. It has been a legendary run and they are thankful to all of their loyal customers.

In 2004, Dog House Grill opened across the street from the Save Mart© Center on the Fresno State Campus. Opening a restaurant in the community David and Vickie used to call home, seemed like a perfect fit. Their nephew, Matt, was ready to take over the daily operation. Dog House Grill has become one of the most talked about and visited restaurants in the Central Valley, bringing the same tradition, family service, and famous BBQ out east.

Continuing the family tradition, Firestone Grill opened in Bakersfield on January 5, 2016. This new valley location made a perfect addition and is one of the most visited Grills in Bakersfield.

With over 10,000,000 hand-sliced tri-tip sandwiches served, the numbers don’t lie. Come on in and try for yourself!